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A/B Testing

The A / B Test consists of developing and releasing two versions of the same element and measuring which works best . It is a test that serves to optimize an email marketing strategy or improve the effectiveness of a landing page .

If you’ve detected that your page is going through a bad time, it’s time to apply actions to improve your opening rate and click-throughs


This method consists of developing two versions of the same element that we are going to release to the market (for example, a blue CTA button and a yellow one), and then use the metrics of each variation to evaluate which works best .

Contrary to what may seem, making many variations does not have to produce negative impacts ; are incremental changes that will keep your users connected and closer to the last link of the purchase cycle.

To use the A / B Test well we must focus our attention on those elements that influence the opening ratio of an email and the clicks that the user makes on a landing page. Here are some of those elements we can test in an A / B Test:

  • The words, colors, sizes and location of your CTAS.
  • The headlines and bodies of the description of your products.
  • The extension of a form and types of fields.
  • The layout or visual structure of your web page.
  • The mode of presentation of the price of your products and promotional offers.
  • The images (location, purpose, content and quantity) of the landings and pages of your product.
  • Amount of text on a web page or blog post.

Apply it! You will observe curious behavioral trends in A / B testing that can help you detect improvements more efficiently than, for example, market research. In the end, it remains a quantitative approach that can measure behavioral patterns of our visits and provide the insights needed to develop solutions .

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